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Tohoku Pioneer Corporation, we have prepared "Arduino-controlled OLED evaluation kit" that enables your evaluating the lights-up of our standard OLED modules. 

Our standard OLED module is mounted on a dedicated board.
Since the board is equipped with the power supply circuit and signal level conversion circuit necessary for lighting the OLED, the OLED can be turned on simply by connecting ARDUINO directly. 

Incorporating a dedicated library for OLED evaluation kit provided free of charge into the ARDUINO development environment, the OLED can be easily turned on simply by writing the sketch examples included in the library.



Items provided by "Arduino-controlled OLED evaluation kit"

・(Your designated) standard OLED display module,  and OLED driving board that is connectable to Arduino.
・Instruction manual (pdf)
・Schematic circuit diagram (pdf)
・Arduino-dedicated library (program file) for OLED evaluation kit

Purchase Procedure of  "Arduino-controlled OLED evaluation kit"
⬛ After selecting OLED products that you would like to purchase from the list of "OLED product lineup" page, please enter the model number and the required quantities in the "Details of Inquiry" field below.

⬛ We will then send you by email a quotation based on the OLED modules you specified,  together with guidance on the payment method.

⬛ If not knowing model number, we will propose the suitable OLED module to meet your purpose, once you let us know the development purpose/applications behind.

⬛ Payment can be made by bank transfer as well as by credit card.

⬛ In case you do not need to purchase our product this time, but would like to receive information about future OLED products, please write "product information only" in the box of "Details of Inquiry" below.

We would like to hear your requests, first of all.

♦OLED for Eval Kit♦

Check here for the model number and specification that matches your development application.

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Pioneer, who succeeded in mass production of OLED displays for the first time in the world, will introduce you high-value-added OLED products such as ultra-thin, high-brightness dot matrix, ultra-narrow frame, and free-form OLD.

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As the specialist of OLED display technologies, we will provide you the right solution for your products. Please visit here to know more about our company.


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